hand-blown glass is designed to change your smoking experience...


Holistic Glass’s hand-blown glass is designed to change your smoking experience, in every size and shape available, with colors ranging from deep black to translucent green, it’s truly a unique company.

Holistic Glass’s proprietary glass making works to make strong glass as light as possible.

Holistic Glass’s proprietary color blending style allows for actual colored glass as opposed to cheaper, painted competitors.

Consistent clean, smooth glass makes for easy cleaning and resists resin buildup.

Holistic Glass’s proprietary, clean blowing process ensures uniform, vibrant color.

Vapors and Things


Vapors and Things




Waterpipes, and their accessories, vary in color, size and shape. Larger waterpipes, with more intricate percolators and diffusers and complex color schemes tend to cost more, while smaller more basic pipes tend to be more affordable.